Born the son of a Baptist pastor in Hamilton, Ohio in 1954, he was introduced to music in his father’s church. He started playing drums and guitar at age eight. By the time he reached thirteen, Garrett says he had mastered the basics of lead guitar. Playing songs by “The Ventures,” “Lonnie Mack,” “Eric Clapton,” “The Beatles,” and “The Rolling Stones,” not to mention blues men like, “BB King,” “Robert Johnson,” and “Muddy Waters.”

At age fourteen he played his first paid gig playing guitar and singing. Garrett has worked and performed with several well-known artists over the years to his credit. Joel “Razorsharp” Johnson founding member and keyboardist for “Parliament Funkadelic.” Ray Martin (son of bluegrass fame, Jimmy Martin) of “Lighthouse,” Bill Bartlett guitarist of the 60’s pop group “The Lemon Pipers and 70’s rock group “Ram Jam.” Denny “Dumpy” Rice writer and pianist for “Lonnie Mack,” and also the late great “Conway Twitty,” along with Mississippi’s own blues man “Johnny Rawls” to mention a few.

What makes Eddie different than most composers (musicians and singers) and sets him apart is the fact that not only does he write all the songs, but he also writes all the instrument tracks of each tune. He also plays most, if not all of the instruments as well as the lead and harmony vocals. One should note that he plays each instrument at a professional level, not to mention all the vocal parts. He engineers/produces his own creation from beginning to end. To date (2017) Eddie has 16 albums having recorded over 175 original tunes. Beside this original work (songs) he has also recorded 5 albums (Cd’s) of some of his favorite classic hit cover tunes he’s performed LIVE throughout his career resulting in a total of 21 Cd’s which can be heard in their entirety on You Tube. Although, as he would tell you, “guitar is my main instrument,” he plays them all very well. His unique style of playing guitar & keyboards, especially his firey melodic LEAD solos just demonstrates his experience in a vast majority of genres. He likes to play all the instruments because he says , “… it gives a significant natural tightness to the music that all bands thrive to attain, plus to hear the final product is very gratifying, to say the least.”

Garrett lives in Sarasota, Florida where he has called home for over 25 years. Once one experience’s Eddie Garrett from his CD’s, or live with a Band, they will no doubt become a fan. Garrett has often stated that “… a song is a lot like a woman, she not only needs to be heard, but more importantly, felt.”

— Each song on each album on this site has been copywritten/registered through the Library Of Congress & the sole ownership of Eddie Garrett who is the writer, arranger & producer of said tunes —

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