"Beginnings"  1985

“Beginnings” 1985

This particular release were original tunes Eddie did in the mid-80’s that were on 3 different 45 records. After moving to Florida from Ohio in late 1983 and after losing all his belongings from a house fire (in Ohio) that destroyed everything he started over, thus resulting in the title “Beginnings.” Eddie was 31 to 32 years old at the time he wrote and recorded these. On a limited budget he managed to put out 3–45 records within 2 years that acclaimed regional airplay on the East Coast of Florida. On several of the tunes Eddie is playing all the instruments and 2 tunes (one 45) done in a group, The Garrett/Montana Band (I Cry Alone, Don’t Lock Me In). He often tells the story of having relocated to Pompano Beach, Florida on Wednesday November 24th & going out the next evening, Thanksgiving, to a club (The Huddle) where he sat in and played with a group, Ray Martin and Lighthouse, he was offered a 5-night a week full-time house-gig and joined the Band. Within 24 hours of arriving in Florida Eddie had a full-time job playing music. This results from his determination after having lost everything in the house fire. Within a year he had released his first 45 record and shortly after put out 2 more which are now covered on this newly released CD entitled, “Beginnings” 1985. The title track, “I Cry Alone”  was indicative of his mindset at the time having gone through such tragedy. “False Romance”  (a tribute to The Allman Brothers Band) Eddie wrote informing his fans in the Southern Ohio area that he wasn’t coming back and moving on to greater heights in South Florida. After going through the disco era he wrote and recorded the like-minded, “Shake Like The Snake” having in mind being on stage and watching the dancers on the dance-floor. “Still Love You” was written in 1973 after going through a breakup. Eddie finally recorded it in 1985.

I Cry Alone

False Romance

Shake Like The Snake

Way Down Deep Inside”

Still Love You

Don’t Lock Me In